Paolo Ghirardato

Università di Torino

Professor of Mathematical Economics, ESOMAS Department
Carlo Alberto Fellow, Collegio Carlo Alberto

Editor in chief, Decisions in Economics and Finance

Laurea, Economics Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Milano, Italy), 1990.
Ph.D., Economics University of California, Berkeley, 1995.

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Mailing Address:
Collegio Carlo Alberto
Piazza Arbarello 8
10122 Torino, Italy

+39 011 6705750
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From 2015 to 2021, I was Chair of the ESOMAS Department (which is short for the unseemly Dipartimento di Scienze Economico-Sociali e Matematico-Statistiche) at the University of Torino.

I am very happy to report that in 2018 our department was awarded a major Dipartimenti di Eccellenza Grant from the Italian Ministry of University and Research, for the period 2018-2022. ESOMAS was one of 180 departments in state universities across all disciplines to be funded, and in particular it ranked 3rd in the final ranking of the 18 departments of Economics and Statistics funded nationwide.

Since October 2021, I have taken the role of the Dean of Faculty at the Collegio Carlo Alberto.

Decisions in Economics and Finance

From January 2012 to December 2021, I was Editor of Decisions in Economics and Finance (DEF), a journal published by Springer-Verlag, which is the official organ of AMASES, the Italian association of Mathematical Economists. I am now a member of its editorial board.

The journal's objective, besides obtaining an Impact Factor from the ISI, is to establish itslef as a natural outlet for high-quality research applying interesting and novel analytical tools to Economics and Finance. Please do consider DEF as possible outlet for your work!


If you want up-to-date bibliometric measures on the impact of my research here is a link to my Web of Science page, and here is a a link to my Scopus page.

NEWS: I am happy to report that one of my papers was included in the special virtual issue of the Journal of Economic Theory containing a selection of 50 influential articles from the journal's first 50 years (what's more: the whole issue is open access).

My cv page contains links to download most of my published and forthcoming papers. The following are links to and short descriptions of my more recent completed papers:

Some older stuff available for download:

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