Professor of Economics, University of Turin.
Research Fellow, Collegio Carlo Alberto and CEPR.

Curriculum Vitae

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Recent Working Papers and Work in Progress 

"Occupational Licensing and the Gender Wage Gap", with Maria Koumenta and Davud Rostam-Afschar (PDF).

"Occupational Licensing, Labor Mobility, and Discriminatory Entry Standards", with Paolo Buonanno.
(New version here)

"Book Price Regulation", with Christos Genakos, Lorien Sabatino, and Tommaso Valletti.

Publications (See also my personal page at IDEAS)

"Competition and Pass-Through: Evidence from Isolated Markets", forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 14, 4, 2022, with Christos Genakos (WP version, appendix).

"Occupational regulation, Institutions, and Migrants' Labor Market Outcomes", forthcoming, Labour Economics, with Maria Koumenta and Davud Rostam-Afschar (PDF).

"Pharmacists in Italy", in Grease or Grit? International case studies of occupational licensing and its effects on efficiency and quality, edited by Morris M. Kleiner and Maria Koumenta, 2022, 51-74, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, with Eva Pagano, Emanuele Pivetta, and Lorenzo Richiardi.

"Occupational Licensing in the EU: Protecting Consumers or Limiting Competition?", Review of Industrial Organization, 55, 1, 2019, 137-153. (
WP version)

"Occupational Licensing in the European Union: Coverage and Wage Effects", British Journal of Industrial Relations, 57, 4, 2019, with Maria Koumenta. (WP version)

"The Impact of Markup Regulation on Prices", Journal of Industrial Economics, Volume 66, Issue 2, 2018,
with Christos Genakos and Pantelis Koutroumpis. (WP version)

"When pressure sinks performance: Evidence from diving competitions", Economics Letters, 132, 2015, with Christos Genakos and Eleni Garbi. (WP version)

"Beneath the Surface: the Decline in Gender Injury Gap", Labour Economics, 30, 2014, with Tiziano Razzolini, Roberto Leombruni, and Giovanni Mastrobuoni.

"The Pricing of Art and the Art of Pricing: Pricing Styles in the Concert Industry", in Handbook of the Economics of Art and Culture, Volume 2, edited by V. Ginsburgh and D. Throsby, Elsevier, 2013, with Pascal Courty. (PDF)

"The Impact of Potential Labor Supply on Licensing Exam Difficulty", Labour Economics, 25, 2013. (PDF with additional results)

"Occupational Regulation in the European Legal Market", European Journal of Comparative Economics, 10, 2, 2013, with Edward Timmons. (PDF)

"Interim Rank, Risk Taking and Performance in Dynamic Tournaments", Journal of Political Economy, 120, 4, 2012, with Christos Genakos. (PDF)

"The Impact of Price Discrimination on Revenue: Evidence from the Concert Industry", Review of Economics and Statistics, 94, 1, 2012, with Pascal Courty. (PDF)

"What's the Right Price? Three Views on Why Firms Price Discriminate", in Economics Writing, edited by S. E. Hume and B. Ahmadi, 2012, 1-6, Pearson, with Pascal Courty.

"What is the Objective of Professional Licensing? Evidence from the US Market for Lawyers", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 29, 4, 2011. (PDF)

"Does Responsive Pricing Smooth Demand Shocks?", Applied Economics, 43, 30, 2011, with Pascal Courty. (PDF, Additional Material)

"Frictional Matching: Evidence from Law School Admission", Economics Letters, 108, 2, 2010, with Pascal Courty. (PDF)

"Licensing Exam Difficulty and Entry Salaries in the US Market for Lawyers", British Journal of Industrial Relations, 48, 4, 2010. (PDF)

"Price Variation Antagonism and Firm Pricing Policies", Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 75, 2, 2010, with Pascal Courty. (PDF)

"Responsive Pricing", Economic Theory, 34, 2, 2008, with Pascal Courty. (PDF)

"Do Consumers Care about How Prices Are Set?", International Journal of the Economics of Business, 15, 1, 2008, with Pascal Courty. (PDF)

"Strategic Interaction on the UK Gas Transportation System: the St. Fergus and Bacton Constraints", Energy Economics, 25, 4, July 2003.

"Are Italians also Fiscal Conservatives?", Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice, 1999, XVII, with Kenneth Greene.

In the Media and Policy Reports

"Variazione dei prezzi e competizione: cosa ci insegnano le isole greche?", Frida, Unito, 2022.

"Competition and pass-through on the Greek islands", CentrePiece, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE, 2021

"Effects of regulation on service quality, evidence from six European cases"
, EU Commission, 2019.

"Measuring Prevalence and Labour Market Impacts of Occupational Regulation in the EU", in Reforming regulation of professions: results of mutual evaluation and way forward (webcast and presentations), Brussels, May 2016.

"Regulatory reform in Greece: the benefits of removing maximum mark-ups", CentrePiece, Autumn 2015.

"Occupational regulation in the EU and UK: prevalence and labour market impacts", with Maria Koumenta, Amy Humphris, and Morris Kleiner, Research Report, UK Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills, August 2014.

"Professioni sotto esame",, October 2013.

The New York Times, 4 June 2013: "How Much Is Michael Bolton Worth to You?"

"Musicians are Leaving Money on the Concert Floor", with Pascal Courty, VOX, February 2009.

"Weightlifting competitions: lessons for performance management", CentrePiece, Winter 2009.

La Repubblica, January 31, 2009: "Crisi: La formula algebrica del fallimento?

Britain in 2009, Economic and Social Research Council: "Weightlifting Competitions: Lessons for Performance Management"

Kathimerini, April 26, 2008 (in greek)


Microeconomics, Competition Economics and Policy, Labor Economics II, Industrial Economics II.