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○   Legislating During War: Conflict and Politics in Colombia [pdf] [Abstract ▾]
Journal of Public Economics, 2021, 193: 104325 [link]
○   Perceived Popularity and Online Political Dissent: Evidence from Twitter in Venezuela [pdf] [Abstract ▾]
International Journal of Press/Politics, 2020, 25(1): 5-27 [link, open access]
○   The Impact of Internal Displacement on Destination Communities: Evidence from the Colombian Conflict [pdf] [Abstract ▾]
Journal of Development Economics, 2018, 131: 132-150 [link]

Working Papers

○   Jam-barrel Politics (with Leonardo Bonilla-Mejía) [pdf] [Abstract ▾]
Revise and resubmit, Review of Economics and Statistics
○   Violence Against Journalists and Freedom of the Press: Evidence from Mexico (with José Andres Jurado) [pdf] [Abstract ▾]
○   Can ♥s Change Minds? Social Media Endorsements and Policy Preferences (with Pierluigi Conzo Laura K. Taylor Margaret Samahita Andrea Gallice) [pdf] [Abstract ▾]
○   Sharing News Left and Right: The Effects of Policies Targeting Misinformation on Social Media (with Daniel Ershov) [pdf] [Abstract ▾]
○   Violence Against Politicians, Negative Campaigning, and Public Opinion: Evidence from Poland (with Krzysztof Krakowski and Dani Sandu) [pdf] [Abstract ▾]
○   Legal Reforms, Conditional Cash Transfer Programs, and Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from Mexico (with Gustavo J. Bobonis and Roberto Castro) [pdf] [Abstract ▾]

Work in Progress

○   Political Interaction and Influence through Social Media (with Pierluigi Conzo, Andrea Gallice, Margaret Samahita and Laura K. Taylor)
○   Understanding the Determinants of Civil Protests: Evidence from Twelve Million Mobile Surveys (with Rishav R. Agarwal, Joel Blit, Horatiu Rus, and Anindya Sen)
○   Can Online Dissent be (Effectively) Censored? (with Arvind Magesan and Arieda Muço)


○   Development Economics, Spring 2021
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Juan S. Morales

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